Different application requires different types of media. Broadly speaking, we identify two main categories:
1. Universal Applications:
Continuous Blasting & Peening normally associated with Steel Fabrication Units, Casting Units, Forging Units, automotive component parts.
2. Specialized applications:
Normally associated with the aerospace industry, where performance of components and safety factors are critical.
Our Strength:
Special attention is taken care during Manufacturing Process of our Shots & Grits which includes following characteristics:
  1. Consistency of hardness
  2. Consistency of particle size
  3. Improved particle shape.
  4. Choice of hardness range
  5. Tighter control over particle size and distribution
  6. Tighter control over particle shape and internal defects
  7. Conformity to internationally recognized specification or in some cases to clients’ own specification.
Based on the application, the user will tell the shot manufacturer what type of shot is needed and this is where specification plays a fundamental role.