Introduction & Scope
We feel great pleasure in Introducing M/s Shri Hare Krishna Sponge Iron Ltd as one of the leading manufacturers of STEEL SHOT with a covered shed area of 50000 Sq.Ft. in Raipur, with state of the art Integrated Steel Plant. These shots are being manufactured In-house with the latest machines like Moderate Retorts, Centrifugal Atomizer etc. Company is manufacturing high strength and strong durability Cast Steel Shots & Cast Steel Grits through double quenching, tempering, screening etc.

In maintaining consistency in quality is our U.S.P. These shots can be used in Blast Cleaning, Shot peening etc & can be used in industries like Pipe manufacturing, Forging, Casting units, Glass, Automobile, Paint shop and many more. We have a manufacturing capacity of 12,000MT per annum of Quality Metal Abrasive as per IS specification 4606 of 1983 and equivalent of ASTM, SAE Std. having density above 7.0gm/ml.

" We examine the types of raw material, how the shot is to be manufactured and what specification and control plans to be carried out to deliver a quality product which satisfies clients’ requirements "
Cast steel shot is a shot made of molten steel which is atomized (or granulated) into particles which more or less spherical. The finished product is achieved after a process of treatment and selection.